Locally produced world class food that is readily available, natural, rich and pure

Nature and Nurture Farms is a new South Australian food producer.  15 years ago we had a vision.  To produce and create world class food that families deserve.  Food that is natural, rich and pure.  Food with superb flavour and texture.  Food that is chemical, antibiotic and hormone free.

We began our search for the world’s best produce and the world’s best farmers.  For people who nurture their flocks and herds, allowing them to live natural lives.  For people who care.  And a place where we could start our own farm and our family.

We also looked for world class chefs and master butchers to help us make our vision a reality.

We found the answer here in South Australia, in the Barossa Valley Food and Wine Region.  Internationally recognised for its clean, green and organic focus.  We found a paradise with simply world class food and world class people!

We currently supply pasture raised free range chicken and quail under our Barossa Birds brand.

Next week, we will be releasing a new range of products using humanely raised, free range and chemical free produce under our Nature & Nurture Farms brand.  Stay tuned for our Chicken Stock, Chicken Bone Broth, our range of sausages and our new range of chicken products!

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The Old Farm Barossa Valley 124 Rosedale Scenic Road Rosedale SA 5350